Dragon Age II – General Review and Pros ‘n cons

Okay, so maybe it didn’t get a super good rating, or a lot of people hate on it,but seriously, I still think that it’s quite an interesting game. Just because it’s a lot more… relaxed than the “average” rpg like skyrim or Dragon Age Origins, doesn’t really mean it’s a shitty game. *sigh*

First off, lets list some cons:

– not the most challenging game ever

– some limits on the weaponry you can equip

– More of a stylized art – although I personally find this as an improvement

– the world and maps are less “free” / explorable

After all of that, (which really, I don’t see as a huge problem) you can still stand this game, then read on. 😀

Some of the parts – In my opinion – that have improved:

– Characters are a lot more….. brought to life. Everyone has their personality, and they just… feel more like real people than characters. Everyone has a distinct set of voice acting that just generally improves the amount I enjoyed this game. 2 or 3 of your companions sometimes start to randomly chatter among themselves, and it proves a richer backstory and the conversations often makes me chuckle.

– YOUR CHARACTER HAS VOICE ACTING OMG LOLOLOL – I know awakening has it, but we’re talking about DA:O here. The things that you say are freakin’ hilarious. Everyone is 9000x more sarcastic and it just puts a lighter touch to what would otherwise be a serious and long ass fighting game.

– Dat replay value. So, when I was stripped of internet for about a week, I played this game 5 times. Yeah its amazing what internet deprivation can do to someone. I played it as every class, and rogue 3 times… 2 melee and once archer 😛   Everytime I play it again, I discover something new =w=

So basically what I’m saying is, if you’re a hardcore rpg gamer, then okay, you might not really like this game. But if you’re like me and simply enjoy a fun experience and a good story, then give it a try, you might really like it 🙂

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