sycknesS’ Karma Build

Hi, this is the main build that I use when I play Karma.

What I’m trying to accomplish with this build –

Using this build, you end up with lots of AP, decent health if Rylais, good resistances, and sufficient mana/health regen – Perfect for Support-ish Karma that still does lots of ap damage.

Summoners –

Heal/Flash –  + 

CV’s overrated.


Runes –

 – Magic Pen Reds

 – Mana Regen Yellows

 – AP/Level Blues

 – Flat AP Quints

OR –

 – Magic Pen Reds

 – Armor Yellows

 – Magic Res/ Level Blues

 – Flat AP Quints

Masteries –


Main Build –

Start Doran’s Ring/ Faerie Charm + Wards/ Boots + 3

Philo Stone

Boots of Lucidity

Blasting Wand

Large Rod

Abyssal Scepter



+ your choice of 2 extra/support items

I prefer Rylais/Reverie


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  1. Vendeltta

     /  February 4, 2012

    Hey there,
    I saw your awesome lee sin jungling guide and decided to try it out, however, after killing wolves then wraiths and golems I wasn’t level 3 as you said I should be. As a result I couldn’t gank as the other lanes were also just level 2. Any idea why this is happening? (I am new btw so don’t have all rune slots so could be to do with that?)

  2. sycknesS

     /  February 4, 2012

    Hi, you’d be better off asking Jack about this, as this is my Karma build, and I don’t play Lee Sin :p.
    Talk to Jack at the top of the blog, where it says Discussion w/ Jack.


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