Wakfu – Review

Wakfu is a nice little mmorpg – tbs, that’s got me hooked for a while now. For anyone who’s familiar with Disgaea, Bastion, or any of the really old final fantasy games, you would be familiar with the Wakfu interface. With classic exploration and action-y combat, Wakfu is a nice game to check out when you’re bored. Although there are quite a few flaws and problems in the game, it is justified because it’s still just a beta. I am really looking forward to the real game, which contains well, bug fixes and new classes / items / etc. The distinct classes makes Wakfu a cool game to fool around with, as you can try every class, and try out their different skills. Abilities and skills are easy to level up, and you don’t really need to put too much consideration into it. Basically, it can be a very relaxing game to play with friends, or if you’re a try hard, you can spend lots of time and plan out various strategic points dependent on the class you chose.

The character design is nice and cute, but the sprites do need a bit more work, as it seems a bit too much like a flash game right now. The art fits it’s style, so I’m not too worried about that. Combat is simple, although it might seem confusing at the start, after a few fights, you’ll get the hang of it very fast.

The combat is simple. as I’ve already said. Choose your starting position, then you can choose to move 3 blocks (as you start with only 3 MP – Movement points), and you start with 6 energy to use on either a normal attack or a spell. You can see  the basic interface above^^

The biggest problem that I see with this game is the insane lag I get sometimes. I’m not sure if it’s the game itself, or if it’s the North America servers I’m playing on. One thing I know for sure is that it’s not my computer. Sometimes, lag spikes lasts up to 5 seconds, and in the middle of a combat (with a timer!), it’s very VERY frustrating.

Regardless, I would imagine that it would be a very interactive and fun game to play with a lot of friends, as you can join parties and go on quests and fight monsters like any other mmo. I’m just playing alone right now because no one wants to play this unknown game 😦 Still, I think it’s pretty interesting, and it’s free!!!! (and not limited beta <3) Even though I really liked this, there are too many problems with the game right now, so I can’t really give it a very high mark, but if the whole game ever comes out and I think that there are major improvements, I’ll definitely come back and make it higher ^_^

Overall, give it a try! If you don’t like it, then too bad, but if it appeals to you, then who knows, maybe it’ll become one of your favourite games 😀

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