Demo Impressions – The Darkness 2

Hi, just a quick impressions today of the just released Darkness 2 demo. Going to be running down what I thought of the demo, so here we go –

The demo consists of a stage broken into a few parts with small cutscene segments in between. You start off in an enclosed room, where a cutscene plays out. Basically, the Brotherhood has captured you, and are trying to capture the Darkness. Each segment of this scene is around ~1-2 mins long, and in all it gives a pretty good impression of the art style and voice acting of the game.

The second part of the demo contains the Restaurant/Subway stage that you see in all the press demos. Gunplay feels much better than in the first game, and the Darkness itself also seems much more badass. This stage is very much on rails – the first part of it doesn’t even allow you to move, but whether or not the rest of the game will be this scripted is still yet to be seen. The art style is still very comic book style, but it looks good nonetheless.

Anyhow, I highly recommend checking out the demo for yourself, as it’s definitely worth the time.

The Darkness 2 Releases February 7th.

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