sycknesS’ Karma Build

Hi, this is the main build that I use when I play Karma.

What I’m trying to accomplish with this build –

Using this build, you end up with lots of AP, decent health if Rylais, good resistances, and sufficient mana/health regen – Perfect for Support-ish Karma that still does lots of ap damage.

Summoners –

Heal/Flash –  + 

CV’s overrated.


Runes –

 – Magic Pen Reds

 – Mana Regen Yellows

 – AP/Level Blues

 – Flat AP Quints

OR –

 – Magic Pen Reds

 – Armor Yellows

 – Magic Res/ Level Blues

 – Flat AP Quints

Masteries –


Main Build –

Start Doran’s Ring/ Faerie Charm + Wards/ Boots + 3

Philo Stone

Boots of Lucidity

Blasting Wand

Large Rod

Abyssal Scepter



+ your choice of 2 extra/support items

I prefer Rylais/Reverie