First Intro Post

Hello sirs.

I’m EF sycknesS, EF’s main support player. Other than league, I play lots of other PC games. Currently I’m playing Prototype, Saints Row 3, and some Space Marine and DA:O. I only play on PC, so you may call me a PC elitist (huehue). Aside from gaming, I listen to some music, and watch gaming related vids. I’ll probably write quite a few reviews here, since I’m so obsessed with writing recs and have  to hold back from writing very long ones :3. So yeah, the very good cliche 1st post is done, so hopefully you’ll like what’s to come.


Clever Introductory Title

Hey folks, it’s EF crazieshado here, but obviously, just call me crazie. As of right now, I might as well be, since I’m so bloody tired. But that’s not what you’re here to hear about…wait a sec. It is, isn’t it? That’s what people these days are into. Well whatever, I’m obligated to make this post to introduce myself. Other than League of Legends, I also play Team Fortress 2 competitively, and troll around with other PC games occasionally. I also do PS3 gaming, so if I ever get in the mood to write me some reviews, you can kinda know what to expect. Outside of having no life and gaming, I generally enjoy chilling around friends, making music and playing some sports. Particularly, skiing is awesome as heck. Don’t really know what else to put in this lame ass first post. Hope you enjoy what I have to say in the future.

The Starting Post?

Well, I guess it’s as the title reads, it’s the starting post.

This blog is basically gonna be about gaming, and discussion and reviews and stuff :3

Just to avoid confusion, there’s 5 of us, and we may each make our posts and ideas, so I (Jack) will not seem like penta-polar or whatever 😛


Yeah, and we (I) make videos and stuff, and you can check out our youtube channel at:


Well, that’s it for now, until next post 😀

Jack ~ SplitSpaydes