sycknesS’ Top 10 Most Anticipated of 2012

Hello again. Instead of the usual review, this time I’ll be counting down my most anticipated (PC) Games of 2012.

From 10 through 1 –

The original Darkness was pretty cool. I only played ~6 hours of it, but what I played was highly enjoyable. It’s story was very emotional, and possessed a certain human like quality. From what I’ve seen of the Darkness 2, it looks to improve upon basically everything the original had, and add a lot more. Co-op should be really fun, and the addition of quad-wielding will be sure to open up a host of new Darkness powers.

Future soldier looks to be a grand return to Ghost Recon’s stealthy past. While most of the past few games focused mainly on CoD style Rambo gameplay, this game seems to emphasize on tactical, stealthy, team based gameplay. Of course, the option to lone wolf is still there for players who want it, but it isn’t the main part of the game anymore. Multiplayer is what I’m most excited about, as I feel like it might achieve what Brink didn’t – tactical team based gameplay. If this game delivers, it will definitely be one of my favourite shooters for a long time.

I personally just got into Hitman earlier this year, and loved it. I’ve only played Blood Money, but it’s deep, stealthy assassination cover style gameplay always got my adrenaline pumping. As one might imagine, I was pretty happy to learn that another Hitman was coming out. Here’s to hoping that it delivers an even better experience.

Borderlands was a great RPG/FPS with a big emphasis on co-op. There were a lot of varied quests, a big open world to explore (although you never got the chance to do so because everything was out to kill you), and a lot of loot to collect. Most of that loot consisted of lots of guns. ~100k to be exact. The original also packed in a ton of replay value, and if BL2 improves on that, it should be a ton of fun to play.

I’m really looking forward to ME3, but I’m not sure that what I’ve seen in previews has really excited me yet. The overall game looks better, but the combat seems to be more focused on 3rd person shooting. If they keep RPG elements as good as they were in previous games though, ME3 will be a thrilling conclusion to the series.

I really like Prototype despite all it’s flaws, so Prototype 2 has me very excited. From what I’ve seen of Dev interviews, they seem to know exactly what went wrong with the first game, and are working to improve upon it. Environments seem much more unique, combat looks to be slightly less difficult/annoying at times, and tendrils look amazing. The story seems to be the exact same as the first game, but the main character from the original is now the bad guy, which is kinda cool.

As a LoL player, any new (non HoN) MOBA is pretty exciting, and a Valve created sequel to the most popular MOBA of all time is as good as the genre gets. From what I’ve seen of the beta, the game is already very deep, even in it’s unfinished state. And as we approach launch date, I’m sure Valve is working hard to create a great competitive game that will be played for years to come.

If you aren’t excited for Bioshock Infinite, there’s probably something wrong with you. The newest title in the franchise is set in a completely different world, and looks to deliver everything the past games did and more. The world of Columbia looks stunning, and the characters seem very unique, each with very interesting pasts.

What can I say, it’s the sequel to one of the best games of all time. That is all.

And my #1 most anticipated game of 2012 is….

Guild wars 2! I’m not just excited for this game because of it’s deep gameplay or amazing open world. I’m excited because it may just change the MMO scene forever. It’s an AAA MMO without a subscription fee, running on a much better engine than WoW, and packing a lot more content than most modern MMOs. If this game markets well, it may very well change the future of MMOs.