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  1. Alexandru

     /  January 10, 2012

    As of your lee sin build on mobafire.Beeing wriggles>mercury>phage>atmas>Trinity>warmog.

    My problem is, by the time i get the trinty, i’m not tanky :(.Or even after phage. Very squshy as for me, any ideeas.? or a change of rotation?

    Thx in advance! 😀

  2. It’s because I like to focus on more of an early / mid damage build, getting atmas to boost it a bit and also giving you some nice armor to counter their offtanks / ad. If you find that you can’t survive, then you can opt to get a warmogs early and then get an atmas, that’s pretty standard. Really, I think you should be able to get the phage around level 10-12. That’s not really “squishy” your simply low level. again, basically, you can rush warmogs and atmas after wriggles, and then trinity, but then, you wont have a lot of “damage” so to say.

  3. Alexandru

     /  January 10, 2012

    Ussualy, i play aggressive as for how is my enemy aswell, if he’s low HP. imma try be as aggresive as i can. and if well…i’m just a lee sin against a warmog mundo with spirit visage.I don’t know if imma even touch him ._. . That beeing so, taking for me warmog let’s me be more agressive, and i always love having HP. But aswell, going more DPS focused seems to have it’s advantages. having nice burts and epic damage xD.Though there is a risk reward.I might get clucnky,sadly die. and might take me time to recover to finnaly get that giants belt :(. Even if aafterall, lee sin is more of an assasin.

    I play tons of olaf, got the brolaf skin, runes ,mastery. and which of. I end having for my whole game as for HP 1 frozen mallet. I get tanky, and i don’t need any other form items for HP cuz of his ulti, making him to absorb massive ammounts of damage, and making him immune to CC(stun) and soft CC(slow). I am able to ghost, ulti stomp they’re AD/AP carry in seconds with 400-mid game-to 700/800- crits. at an quite huge attack speed.Don’t mention my passive aswell.I know very well how to get in a fight with olaf and how to manage his best.But what about lee sin?

    -What is my purpose in a teamfight?
    -is the DPS build worth the risk?

  4. Okay, let me explain something. My build is not really DPS. It’s tanky AD. The whole point of the weird order is to maximize early damage, while still getting some resists and then transitioning into a tanky fighter late game. About the whole warmogs visage mundo, don’t give him that much farm… Deny him early on, and he won’t become that tanky. Also, who the fuck focuses a mundo anyways. go gank another lane or get into some other fights.

    Teamfighting, well, your ulti shouldnt be used as a ks tool, but as disruption instead. Your purpose is as any other offtank – protect the carry and try to burst down / disrupt / kill the enemy carries. I can’t really teach you that. Play more LoL and Lee Sin, and you’ll eventually get it.

  5. Alexandru

     /  January 10, 2012

    How am i going to get under the skin of the enemy carries, if Q will pick the 1st to stay in the front, not including aswell the minions X_X. If a teamfight starts, should i try flank to get to that ashe or brand beeing annoying? or stay with my team in the fray and try be annoyiing to the enemy team overall, trying aswell to protect our carries. But since his Q is limited to the 1st in the way, i can’t really see how can i try distrupt an AD carry that destroy’s everyone beeing protected by a shield of alistars and mundos . I might also get stunnlocked and destroyed in seconds if i try to reposition myself so i can kick a tank so it can get to the AD carry behind.

    All this might differ in diffrent situations, so let’s say in this cases, what should i do.

    Trying to attack them while they are hugging they’re turret.
    When we are hugging the turret.
    Open space,such as the river zone
    In middle of lane, with no turrets close.

    btw, I am mostly used with pure tanks, my pseudo tanks(such as people who are quite fragile and got lots of HP just cuz they synergise well it.-Vladimir-Volibear-Olaf etc.)but they do tons of damage, and kinda become an Carry, and manage to tank a lot, and as end, offtanks. Lee sin, doesen’t have some hard CC to get under they’re skin, such as the other tanky DPS. (singed has the flip,jarvan can ulti/Q+E combo.) and i am quite afraid sometimes if i should or not should use ulti. Making it quite confuse for me.

    sry if i didn’t make sense in some spot, my native languace isn’t english>.<.

    Thx again in advance! , Alexander ^^

  6. It sort of depends on the situation, as you said it. If you think that the rest of your team can hold out, then you can go and try to flank. Flanking is a very good skill to have on anyone, especially Lee, as he excels at doing so. Even if you can’t kill your target, you might cause him/her to panic and either flee from the battle or waste an ultimate that might have been used in a better situation.

    Unless you are super tanky and your team is pretty fed, you generally do not want to dive anyone that’s hugging the turret. It’s just not smart, but if they’re low and you mange to land sonic wave, if you think that you can survive whatever they might be able to blow on you and the turret, then you might want to resonating strike onto the enemy. If you are diving, and you think that it might be risky, get a teammate to move close so if you fail or survive with little health and the turret is killing you, you can just safeguard to a teamate out of turret range.

    If you hug the turret, just attack the most vulnerable target on the enemy team. If it’s only yourself against like 5 people though, sometimes it’s better just to back out. if you find the chance, you can always q+e onto an enemy, walk in front of them and kick them back into the tower.

    In an open space, usually you want to find a good spot to Q in and do a surprise flank. However, if you are the only one who can engage a fight, q + e in their team and just try to deal as much damage as you can. Safeguard out if you’re going to die, and disrupt and burst people down with your ult.

    Middle lane is pretty much the same thing as above ^

    If you think that your ulti can get you a kill or do a good disruption, then dont be afraid to use it. The cooldown isn’t super long, and using it at a bad time won’t really lose you a fight, but you might not be able to win. Again, practice, and know how much damage and how much disruption your ulti can cause. It’s hard to explain in words.

    And it’s no problem, I don’t mind helping you out.

  7. Alexandru

     /  January 11, 2012

    Thx for the huge help ^^. I really love to see people actually intrested in what the darn followers ask :). You explained quite some to me, and made me more familiar to lee sin. He seems so much fun ^.^!

    -Alexander out.

  8. Fido

     /  January 14, 2012

    After watching a few streams of Saintviscious and TheOddOne, I’ve noticed that they’ve been getting 2/3 Dorans Blades instead of wriggles. Do you think this is a good idea on Lee Sin?

  9. Yes, that provides very strong early game power for lee sin, jungle or not. However, The utility of the extra armor/ a bit more lifesteal, minion proc and ward is really good as well from wriggles. It really depends. If you want to do the dorans build, it’s better to get red / golems then immediately gank and really, play as a roaming ganker instead of a “jungler”, since you will spend most of the time ganking / covering / helping lanes. It’s personal playstyle, and if you feel like that dorans are better than wriggles, then for all means, go for it. Just remember to get some wards.

  10. Fido

     /  January 15, 2012

    Thanks =)

  11. Alexandru

     /  January 15, 2012

    What should be my combo when jungling while having. E and W. and what is my combo when i got all 3. cuz sometimes i don’t know which to start with. I ussualy go W>E>W2>Q>Q2.

  12. Well, it only matters until you get your wriggles or if you are at REALLY low health.

    Normally, it doesnt really matter. You can either start with W, activate the follow-up, then E, but you can do it the other way around as well. When you get Q, generally you want to hit it at the strongest creep, such as the bigger golem or the brown wolf or the red wraith, etc.

  13. Fido

     /  January 19, 2012

    In your Lee Sin guide, it says after golums(small ones) to go gank. Should I take Q instead of W after wraiths for ganking? Or is W and E enough?

  14. oh, well, yes. you should take q, although, usually, for a very fast level 2 gank, you can start red – golems and get q + e. This proves very effective.

  15. theiswe

     /  January 21, 2012

    Which server do you play on?

  16. Alexandru

     /  January 24, 2012

    i got a screenshot with some nice games with lee sin. after i did around 50+ games with him , and followed your guide. i manage to get high scroes every time.

    Ty for the epic guide right there!

  17. Alexandru

     /  January 24, 2012

    thought you might want them for your guide as a hall of fame :D?

  18. sycknesS

     /  January 24, 2012


  19. Alexandru

     /  January 24, 2012

    got none..hoped i could email you the screenshot…D:

  20. you can email me or any one of us at



  21. watermelonlordhaki

     /  January 28, 2012

    what do you think about the upcoming Lee Sin nerfs and the new AD/lvl mastery in the upcoming Ziggs Patch? What do you think you’ll have to change about your guide?

  22. Eh, as a lee player, obviously i dont wanna hear about the nerfs, but I do think that I would have to build him a little more damage based. Ill probably add a second build which would be more like hardcore carry than tanky ad.

    AD / lvl is good on lee, as well, crit chance wasn’t really what you wanted to focus on him anyways.

    Lee nerfs might’ve been needed though, as for once, riot’s reasoning is pretty good.

  23. Alexandru

     /  February 1, 2012

    Got 2 issues, I saw what nerfs are on lee sin , and they seem a joke.
    Most of his damage ain;t done trough the passive attack speed+

    Q execution damage was never that high

    2 examples
    -Mundo-7 k HP max, and his missing 6k

    That’s 600 extra damage from execution

    and with nerf 480 damage

    so less 120 damage. (max example)

    -Ashe-600 HP, missing 500

    So that’s 100 HP

    >10 damage from execution

    with nerf 8.

    It’s barely significant.

    My 2nd issue, I haven’t found any real counter for lee sin in a 1vs1, and as so, i never lost against a specific champ

    though i had problems against pantheon, no other champ got me really concerned me.

    (starting out with 5 pots HP and 1 cloth armor)
    the 21-9-0 build taking veterans scars .
    with the rune suggested on mobafire by you.

    Is the nerf a joke?
    And what’s lee sin counter champ?

  24. Well, it’s not supposed to be a HUGE nerf. After actually reading the numbers, I think riot is just trying to make the people who are crying about Lee being op happy. I thought they would nerf attack speed to like only 20 % or something 😛

    And as for counters…. Basically, Lee is a very strong champ, so he doesnt exactly have any super hard counters (like how he counters akali). Honestly, I still think its about personal skill when it comes to 1v1ing w/ lee

  25. Alexandru

     /  March 5, 2012

    Hmm….lately i merged my build from the simple watmog to

    wriggles>boots+1>phage>mercury>brutaliser>frozen mallet>atmas>warmog>yomuumu;s>(seel wriggles) bloodthirster. And it seems so much better than the other one :3…especcialy including the brutaliser making excellent damage for you.

  26. brut is okay… Like i mean, the reason I don’t like it is because it can only be built into ghostblade, which is not a great item on Lee. It’s not horrible, and I do get it occasionally when i’m stomping really hard, but there are many other items that would be more useful and beneficial for lee.

  27. Pr0G4mer

     /  April 11, 2012

    Hey. I followed your Lee Sin Guide for a while. I got a problem. Alhtough your guide provides many tanky items, I still have a huge lack of survivability. I get outpicked every team fight and die too fast. What should I do? I see people just staying a bit out of teamfight and trying to hit their Q in the right moment. Is that the right way?

  28. y r u so gay :))))


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